Access Control System

Access Control System

access control system

An Access Control system can limit and/or monitor who goes where and when, and it enhances your current security system by allowing you to authorize and track who is in your building at any given time. Your employees, premises, and assets will be safer thanks to the system.

Access control is required by all organizations in all industries, including banking, government, IT, hospitality, education, small and large businesses, and so on. Many adjustable elements in access control systems help to build a secure environment. Only if the authorized user reveals his fingerprint/card to the reader will the Controller open the door. In the event of an unauthorized swipe, the system can trigger several pre-defined events from the Controller’s advanced security capabilities, as detailed below:

Card/Finger of Duress:

In the event of an intrusion,the Authorized Person will place the second finger on the door, which will open; the system will receive an alert, and an alarm will be generated in the control room/security room where the Siren / Hooter is installed. With the help of an I/O board, alarm systems such as sirens and hooters will be integrated into the Controller.

Dual Authentication:

The Control Panel will be linked to the secured area’s reader. A restricted door will only open if two authorized people swipe their cards or place their fingers on the reader simultaneously, useful in cash rooms and server rooms.

Emergency Card:

If a fire, gas leak, or other emergency requires evacuation, the emergency card will be swiped on any reader, all doors will be opened, and all employees will be evacuated from the premises.

Intrusion Card:

In the event of a cash or data theft, the intrusion card will be swiped instantly. After swiping this card, all doors will be closed; even authorized users will not access them, allowing the theft to be traced.

Occupancy Control: 

This functionality will be used in areas like locker rooms where only two locker holders can be present at the same time. After two persons have entered, a ‘Count Full’ message will appear, preventing further access. WARNING: If an unauthorized person tries to gain access to the crucial restricted areas, an SMS will be sent to the predetermined number with the message “Unauthorized person attempting to gain entry to the Room.” This feature does not necessitate using a GPRS/GPS to send SMS.

DVR Integration: 

If an unauthorized individual tries to enter the premises, this function sends a real-time image to the control room. In a critical occurrence, the Controller can be linked to a DVR, capturing the photo and sending it to the admin/control room.

IP camera Integration:

The Controller can be linked to an IP-based camera on the LAN to capture an image of the user for any occasion. For example, for every allowed admission, the camera will capture a picture and save it in a database with the employee’s information. It may also be used to track any unauthorized user attempting to force their way into the premises.

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