CCTV Solutions

CCTV Solutions

I Witness, install, and maintain a wide range of surveillance systems, from modest, stand-alone, plug-and-play systems used in tiny retail outlets to powerful high-definition digital and network video recorder systems that may meet your needs and requirements from the simplest to the most complicated multi-site and diverse applications. Our systems use cutting-edge technology to provide you with clear, high-definition photographs that are simple to retrieve and review.

Analog CCTV

Camera Analog CCTV cameras come in various formats and performance capabilities. Cameras are the video feed source, making them an essential part of any CCTV system. Monochrome color/mono (day/night), cameras sensitive to infrared light, and thermal cameras are the analog camera kinds available. Cameras come in various physical configurations, such as ordinary box cameras and printed circuit board (PCB) cameras. The Camera itself can be housed in a variety of housings to protect it from dust, rain, heat, explosions, and radiation in various conditions.

Dome Camera

We specialize in providing a high-quality Dome Camera that is well-liked by customers all around the country. The Security Cameras gets its name from its dome-shaped design. Dome Cameras are well-known for their efficient performance and long service life, and clients can purchase the Dome Camera at a reasonable price. CCTV Surveillance Systems in Casinos, Retail Stores, and Restaurants frequently use dome cameras. Because dome cameras are more trendy and mix nicely with their surroundings, this is the case. Because of its dome form, it isn’t easy to discern which direction a Dome Camera’s lens is genuinely pointing.

C-Mount Camera

We are in the business of offering you top-notch C-Mount Cameras from reputable manufacturers. The C-Mount Camera is a high-quality electronic security system that is commonly used in the security business. The C-Mount Camera is offered to customers at competitive costs. The ability to change the lens on a CCTV c-mount camera is an advantage.

Zoom Camera

We claim credit for introducing clients to a high-quality Zoom Camera. To ensure complete client satisfaction, our Zoom Cameras are rigorously tested for quality. Clients can purchase the Zoom Camera for a reasonable price. It’s a digital video security camera used in CCTV that can change the focal length of its lenses to magnify objects that are further away from the Camera. Varifocal lenses are the name given to these types of lenses. Most box cameras do not have built-in lenses. Therefore they can only use Zoom CCTV lenses. These can be manual lenses that are positioned by trial and error, or they can be remotely operated.

Night Vision Waterproof camera

We offer Night Vision Waterproof Cameras to our customers, which are sourced from reputable brand manufacturers. In the domestic market, our Night Vision Waterproof Cameras are in high demand. The Night Vision Waterproof Camera is extensively used for nighttime surveillance and is well-liked for its efficiency.

IP Camera

We are in the business of supplying high-grade IP cameras with excellent image and video quality. These IP cameras are used for security and surveillance in places like offices, high-security zones, shopping malls, and so on. IP CCTV cameras include built-in web servers that provide live viewing and configuration of the Camera over a computer network or the internet. Our experts can help you choose the right Camera, whether it’s an analog camera with an IP encoder or a camera with direct IP connectivity.

IR Camera

Infrared bullet camera or IR surveillance bullet camera is also part of our range of surveillance and security systems and gadgets. These cameras are renowned for their ability to provide efficient day and night surveillance. Infrared security cameras can record footage in low light and no light (0 Lux) environments. 

Standalone DVR

We specialize in supplying Standalone DVR Systems, which are highly sought after by customers due to their exceptional performance. Our Standalone DVR System is put through its paces by our professionals on a variety of aspects in order to provide the best service to our customers. We offer the Standalone DVR System at competitive prices.

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