Digital EPABX System

Digital EPABX System

Digital EPBX

We provide a Digital EPABX system for businesses and individuals. A cutting-edge digital key telephone system that meets the immediate and emerging business needs of Small and Medium-sized businesses (SMBs), Small Offices, and Home Offices (SOHOS). The scalable intelligent communications tool is developed to satisfy the expanding needs of SMEs and SOHOs in an effective and cost-effective manner.


Digital EPABX permits you to scale up from 3 trunks/lines and 8 extensions to 27 trunks/lines and 72 extensions without sacrificing efficiency as your business grows. The non-blocking Digital Architecture system employs a high-performance digital switching architecture that allows for an unlimited extension to extension and intercom calls at the same time, as well as an integrated services digital network basic rate interface that allows for voice and data integration over telephone networks.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

By combining and transferring speech, tax, and data across packet-switched IP-based networks, the VOIP feature is poised to take advantage of the converging world between voice and data communication.

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