Integrated Building Management System​

Integrated Building Management System

integrated building management system (iBMS)

The Integrated Building Management System (iBMS) is a computer-based automated system that regulates and monitors mechanical and electrical equipment in buildings, including ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems. With the introduction of IoT, IBMS is no longer simply a technology notion but is quickly transforming organizations and how they operate. PRISM believes in connectivity, accessibility, and efficiency in everything from infrastructure automation to climate control and energy management to building intelligence.

The logical layers that make up the overall system architecture are as follows:

  • System monitoring, control, data storage, and reporting are all handled by the management layer.
  • The intelligence of the systems is controlled by the control layer.
  • Field Layer is used to monitor, govern, and preserve the environment.

Getting Started With Integrated Building Management System​

The first step in reducing security concerns is to install a security system. I Witness provides a variety of support and maintenance services to guarantee that your system is properly monitored and maintained.

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